• Global reach and localized knowledge
    We are Agents and Distributors for Major Multinational Additives Manufacturers in the world
  • our products are tested extensively in our world class laboratories
    Our businesses serve a multitude of industries and human needs
  • Providing Tailored Innovations for Every Market
    Refining involves distilling crude oil to obtain various fractions that are then processed into intermediate and commercial products.

Welcome to Emirates Refinery. We commence our activities in 1993. Emirates Refinery LLC was commissioned in 2004 supplying various products for the lubricants industry.

Our People


At Emirates Refinery We are committed to Diversity and Equal Opportunity. we actively combat all forms of discrimination in employee recruiting and career development. We are committed to gender equality and increasing the representation of different nationalities in management, as well as recruiting and retaining people with disabilities. We also support initiatives to promote social diversity. This diversity of cultures and ways of thinking is our core strength.